How can I confirm my reservation?

If you log into your account you should be able to see your upcoming and past reservations under the “My Bookings” tab. You will also have received an email confirmation after booking. If you have any questions about your reservation, please drop us a line at info@brooklynphotostudios.com

What is the studio pricing and does it vary?

Our Studio pricing is $55 for 50 minute session Monday – Friday and $65 on the Weekend. Each studio is priced the same other than Studio 6, our 4,000 square foot studio which is $300 an hour.

Why do I need to verify my account?

To ensure safety and accountability to our customers and studios we require all new accounts to verify their ID.

Stripe Identity is our third party verification system. We only require this step once when a new customer creates an account and it is not required for additional people on your reservation. This is not a background check and no confidential information is shared.

What is the minimum / maximum amount of time that I can book a studio?

The minimum time that you can book is 50 minutes for $55. Please note that to allow for sanitation between sessions your session will always end 10 minutes before the hour is up. The maximum amount of time that you can book a studio is 12 hours, 6am until 10pm.

Cancellation and rescheduling Policy

All cancellations 72 hours prior to the booking start time will be refunded in full. the 4% processing fee will not be refunded. Cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to the booking start will not be refunded.

Rescheduling can be done 48 hours prior to the booking start time. Rescheduling less than 48 hours prior to the start time will be case by case. 

Please call us anytime to reschedule


Can we come in and set up earlier?

No, to respect everyone’s booked sessions please do not arrive prior to your reservation time. Please note that your reservation ends 10 minutes before the last hour is up. Please start wrapping up and leave the studio by the time your booking is over.

There is an overtime fee of $250 plus $55 per hour that you overstay, so please, be respectful of the community and leave when your time is up.

How do I access the studios?

The access to our studios is one of the most unique features of our studios. The access is all automated by time specific codes. When you book you will receive 2 codes – one for the main entrance and one for the specific studio you booked. Those codes will only work during your reservation time and will expire after your session is up. The codes will be emailed as well as texted to you and everyone added to your reservation upon booking and 24 hours prior to your session.

How do I enter my code into the lock?

Slow and gentle! Our locks can be a little sensitive so input your code in slowly and as detailed on your booking — such as * 1 2 3 4 .

Top Tips:

  • Listen for a single *beep* for each button you press as any double *beeps* would suggest you may be pressing too hard.
  • If the code is going blue after you enter it but the door is not unlocking; try lifting the handle up as high as it will go and giving a bit of a shake before entering the code again. Then open the door firmly.
What do I do if my code isn't working?

Sometimes it happens — we want to get you into the studio as soon as possible. Please contact us via phone at (212) 655-7595‬ straight away, so we can get you in.


What’s included in the space?

Our spaces include seating props as well as custom elements for shooting use. We also include, a folding table, garment steamer, garment rack, foldable wall divider, makeup area, step ladder, photography blower/fan and extension cords in each studio.

Westcott lighting equipment is inluded in studios 1-5 but you are welcome to bring your own!

Is lighting equipment included?

Yes, Westcott lighting equipment is in included in all our studios! (except for studio 6)


– 3 x Westcott FJ400 Strobe
– 1 x Westcott Wireless universal flash trigger with Sony adapter
– 1 x Beauty dish with Bowens adapter, 22″
– 1 x Octagonal soft box, 60″
– 1 x Octagonal grid for soft box
– 1 x Rectangle softbox, 24 x 32”
– 1 x Rectangle Grid for soft box
– 1 x White umbrella, 51″
– 1 x Silver umbrella, 51″
– 1 x Umbrella diffuser cover, white
– 1 x Mini boom – extends from 46” – 83″
– 3 x C-stands with caster wheels and brakes, 9.5′
– 1 x White Interior Beauty dish, 22” with reflector kit Includes – deflector, diffusion sock and a honeycomb grid
– 2 x Steel spring clamps
– 6 x Sandbags, 15lb
– 2 x Speed rings Bowens adapter
– 1 x Backdrop support stand 8.5′ max High, 10.3′ Max Width

Is there a minimum booking time?

You can book in hourly increments, for as little as 50 minutes up to a full day! Please note, that you must leave the studio 10 minutes before your scheduled session is over to allow for proper sanitation and clean up.

Do you have chairs/stools/props?

Yes, each studio is furnished with basic chairs, stools and props that fit the particular scene.
You are also welcome to bring your own props if desired.


Can I bring food into the studios?

Definitely! Food and snacks are allowed as long as the studio is cleaned and left in the original condition. Each studio has a four foot foldable table that works great for enjoying a bite.

No alcohol, smoking or drugs are allowed in the studio, for which a $500 fine will be charged. 

Is insurance required?


How many people are allowed in the studios?

No more than eight people are allowed in a studio at one given time.

Do you have parking?

Metered street parking is available on Myrtle Avenue and free street parking can usually be found under the BQE underpass by continuing West on Park Avenue.

Do you have an elevator? How big is your entrance?

At this time our elevator is not yet operational. for larger scale productions and events please reach out for addition information. 

The elevator doorway opens up 36” and the interior of the elevator is 49 1/2” x 61” x 108”

Is there a fee to have the cyc wall painted before my shoot?

The cyc wall is painted weekly, if you would like to have it painted before your shoot, please contact us in advance so we can have it repainted for your session, there is a $100 fee for this service.

Can I use water on the Cyc?

No. This can cause significant damage to the Cyc wall. Any customer found using water on the Cyc wall will be charged a $500 fee, and will have their account suspended. 

Is it OK to use smoke, fog, haze, confetti, and glitter?

Only water/vapor based smoke and fog machines are allowed in our studios.

There will be a penalty of $500 to any customer found using smoke or fog other than water based and will not be allowed back in our studios. This will be strictly enforced.

Any other hard to clean materials such as glitter, confetti, powder, oils, wax, requires a refundable deposit. Please reach out via email if you will be using hard to clean materials during your studio time. Failure to do so will result in the suspension of your account. 

Are there security cameras in the studios?

Yes, to protect everyone’s safety the studios and common areas are all monitored by security cameras. As outlined in our agreement, your work is protected and footage will never be shared. 

What are the Studio Guidelines?

Please treat the studios with care and respect the people around you! Our full terms and conditions can be found here.

What are the hours of operations?

We are open for shoots daily from 8am until 8pm!

Can I bring a pet?

Yes, as long as you contact us in advance to sign our pet waiver.

Please create an account or login before booking a studio with us.

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