Studio Lighting Equipment

Studio Lighting Equipment

Looking for a studio that provides the lighting equipment you need? Brooklyn Photo Studios has over 17 different types of lighting equipment for Photography and Video use. 


17 Lighting Equipment Types In Our Studios

As a director, cinematographer, photographer, or another type of media producer, you want the very best video lighting equipment at your disposal to help you complete your project with ease. That’s why Brooklyn Photo Studios offers a wealth of lighting equipment at our video production studio in the heart of Brooklyn. We’ll give you access to gorgeous photo and video spaces, as well as access to advanced lighting equipment.

Below are some of the many types of lighting equipment that can help you create your next masterpiece, which can be yours to use by simply setting up a reservation at our studio. All of this can be done online!

– 3 x Westcott FJ400 Strobe: Need full power flashes to provide powerful and dramatic lighting? The FJ400 strobe is the best in its class to provide you with dramatic effect and full lighting capabilities.

– 1 x Westcott Wireless universal flash trigger with Sony adapter: This adapter is durable and lightweight so you can minimize your equipment carrying, and it can maximize the potential of the FJ400 strobe for the best cinematic effects and photography. 

– 1 x Beauty dish with Bowens adapter, 22″: Distribute light to where you need it with this ultra high-quality beauty dish.

– 1 x Octagonal softbox, 60″: This large softbox is a must for any big production with the ability to diffuse light for a seamless look.


Studio lightning equipment in brooklyn
– 1 x Octagonal grid for softbox: Help control the spill of light with our octagonal grid.

– 1 x Rectangle softbox, 24 x 32”: Mimic window light and use this for all your portrait photography needs.

– 1 x Rectangle Grid for softbox: Diffuse lighting for a breathtaking portrait or upper-body shot with this grid.

– 1 x White umbrella, 51″

– 1 x Silver umbrella, 51″

– 1 x Umbrella diffuser cover, white

Studio lightning equipment in brooklyn
– 1 x Mini boom – extends from 46” – 83″ for the best sound quality on stage

– 3 x C-stands with caster wheels and brakes, 9.5′

– 1 x White Interior Beauty dish, 22” with reflector kit Includes – a deflector, diffusion sock, and a honeycomb grid

– 2 x Steel spring clamps

– 6 x Sandbags, 15lb

– 2 x Speed rings Bowens adapter

– 1 x Backdrop support stand 8.5′ max High, 10.3′ Max Width

Studio lightning equipment in brooklyn

Benefits of using Professional Lighting Equipment

Filming and Photography is not easy profession, especially with high overhead costs to think about. Fortunately, you can get rid of the worry (and barrier) of paying for lighting equipment with the help of Brooklyn Photo Studios.

Our comprehensive lighting equipment can help you during your shoots while having access to some of the highest-quality photo studios around Brooklyn. You can also have access to your equipment right away when booking your studio time, so you don’t have to worry about transportation costs or manpower to deliver or travel with your studio equipment.

Best of all, confirming a reservation is easy, and you don’t need to be a professional company with a big budget to use our equipment. We want everyone to have access to the lighting and studio equipment to make their visions a reality.

Film your Next Masterpiece With Brooklyn Photo Studios

If you’re truly passionate about your next shoot and need the right equipment and space to do so, call us today at Brooklyn Photo Studios to schedule a reservation and find the best studio space for your project. Leave the lighting equipment to us, and come prepared to shoot in Brooklyn, NY, by calling us today at (866) 518-4990. You can also visit us online to find out more about our services and check out which spaces works best for your next project.

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