Natural Light Studio: Benefits in Photography

Photographer holding a camera about to shootAlthough professional lighting equipment is now commonly used in filmmaking, there are still many filmmakers and video enthusiasts that use natural light for their filming, and for good reason. Using natural light gives a glow that is virtually impossible to replicate in other artificial conditions. Yes, lighting equipment has many benefits and can be used in studios just fine. However, nothing beats the effects of natural light on actors, settings, and in the post-production phase.

At Brooklyn Photo Studios, our natural light studio can help you create a masterful piece of cinematography one sunrise at a time! We’ll outline the benefits of our natural light photography studio below.

The Importance of Natural Lighting

As the name suggests, natural lighting is any type of lighting that harnesses the power of the sun to light up people, places, and virtually anything being filmed. Natural lighting can also be used for still photographs, such as in a natural light photography studio that is set up using only windows to let in natural light or is set up outdoors.

The Benefits of Natural Lighting

man photographing a girl posing inside a rental studioThere is a subtle glow that comes from natural lighting which can’t be matched by any type of artificial light set-ups. Natural lighting can also range from very bright to mild and a bit darker depending on the time of day and weather in the background. Being able to take photographs and film during any part of the day is just one of the many benefits of natural lighting. 

Other benefits include the ease of setup that comes with using natural lighting. This means you can save less time in your photo session, spend less money on equipment, and can also have a more intimate relationship with your film or photography subject. This is especially useful for people that are shy in front of the camera, or for fussy children. 

Natural lighting and artificial lighting in photography

Natural lighting can be used successfully in photography if using the right skills. Because natural lighting is variable, you will need to spend time adjusting your camera and using the right aperture and shutter speed to capture images of your subjects. With artificial lighting, you might already know what pre-setting to use on your camera. Keep in mind that these settings will have to change using natural lighting.

Daylighting and Photography

Studio rental with a natural light backgroundDaylight is perhaps the best time to start filming photography. Daylight provides the most sun for your projects, whether it’s during the early morning hours or towards dusk.


During sunrise, you’ll have a small amount of natural light and might also still have semi-low lighting due to morning fog and mist surrounding the air. During sunrise, you’ll need to adjust your settings to accommodate this interesting light setting. However, it is well worth it, especially if you combine natural sunrise with your photography or film subject.


During midday, the sun is at its highest point and extremely bright. Photographers can capture lots of detail in this light but need to use the appropriate shutter speed or other settings so as to not distract their clients.

Duskfilm and photography equipment inside a industrial style rental studio

Dusk is still a beautiful light condition to work in, but it does have relatively low light as the day ends. Remember to set your camera to accept more light by increasing the shutter speed. This will lead to unsteady shots if you use only your hand. Fortunately, Brooklyn Photo Studios also offer stabilization equipment such as tripods.

Different Seasons

Remember that winter seasons will bring you less light and shorter days, while summer will do the opposite. Plan your filming and photography using natural light accordingly.

Photo Studio With Natural Lighting in Brooklyn

At Brooklyn Photo Studios in Brooklyn, New York we make it our mission to help filmmakers capture the natural glow and beauty of their clients using high-quality natural light photography studio equipment!

Book you’re using our fully automated system here after you pick a studio or call us today at  (212) 655-7595 to take your studio and see how our beautiful, preserved building can be the perfect backdrop and provide the best natural light for your film or photography. For filmmakers that want the best lighting equipment for artificial lighting, camera equipment, and props, we have you covered too!

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