Cyclorama: What is it and How Can It Benefit Your Photography?

What is A Cyclorama?

White photo studio interior background, cyclorama structure and professional impulse lightsMaking a movie, commercial, or video production has limitless possibilities. Cycloramas amplify those possibilities and allow creators the ability to use lighting and post-production animation how they want, all with the help of a simple screen.

If you’re wondering what is cyclorama, a cyclorama is also known as an infinity screen, and it’s designed to curve tightly around a wall. Cycloramas give the illusion of a seamless sky and floor, allowing total focus on your subject! At Brooklyn Photo Studios, we have a perfect infinity screen that can help your subject stand out, improve your video production visuals, and help make your vision a reality.

How to Use a Cyclorama for your Photo Shoots?

Cyclorama photography is invaluable to your production. An infinity screen can help create a seamless background, but it takes a bit of finesse to get the cyclorama right! Below are some of the best tips to help amplify your cyclorama studio.

Place Your Subject Farther From the Wall

Cyclorama photo studio with a doll on film setIf your subject is too close to the wall, they won’t have as much focus placed on the subject. The best way to avoid this is by placing your subject about 10-15 feet from the cyclorama, or as far as possible. This will help create a softer curve and minimize any distortion, as well as put the focus on your subject.

Consider placing your subject in different areas while filming. This will help you decide where the best spot for your subject is, and how to frame the shot.

Play Around With the Lighting

White photo studio interior background, cyclorama structure and professional impulse lightsOne of the great things about an infinity screen is that you can use lighting to your advantage. You can create different moods and effects by playing around with the light.

If you want to create a bright and airy look, try using soft light. This will help create a natural look perfect for fashion or product photography.

If you want a more dramatic look, try using backlighting. This will help create a halo effect around your subject and make them stand out against the background. You can also use different colored lights to make just about any background for your video production.

You can also use side lighting equipment to create a more three-dimensional look. This is perfect for interview-style videos or if you want to add more depth to your shot.

Get Creative With Your Props

Photo studio with cyclorama and some propsYou can use just about anything as a prop in front of a cyclorama. From furniture to plants, the possibilities are endless. One way to get creative with your props is to use them to frame your subject. This can help create a more dynamic and interesting shot.

Another way to use props is to create a more natural look. This can be done by using plants or other greenery in front of the cyclorama. This will help your subject blend in with the background and create a more natural look.

You can also use props to add color to your shot. This is perfect if you want to add a pop of color to your background or if you want your subject to stand out against the background. While infinity screens are great to focus on your subject, if you want a more dynamic video, there’s nothing wrong with using props in your shoot.

Use Post-Production to your Advantage

Cyclorama photo studioWhile cycloramas are great for allowing you total control of your lighting and background, they can also be used in post-production. For instance, you can use your cyclorama as a green screen and add any background you want. This is perfect if you want to change the location of your shoot or if you want to add special effects.

Because cycloramas wrap tightly around a wall, you can also use them to create a 360-degree shot. This is perfect for virtual reality or if you want to give your viewers a more immersive experience.

Photo Studio With Cyclorama Near You

CycloramasCyclorama with white background at brooklyn photo studio  are versatile tools that can be used in a variety of ways. By following these tips, you can film just about anything in front of a cyclorama and create a seamless, professional look.

If you’re looking for a photo studio with a cyclorama, reach out to Brooklyn Photo Studios. We offer a beautiful studio equipped with a cyclorama, as well as a variety of other amenities to make your shoot a success. Contact us today at 866-599-0704 or visit our page to book your studio now!

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