Why Do You Need To Consider A Photoshoot Rental Space?

Photoshoots are some of the best ways to create advertisements, create artwork, and are one of the most essential aspects of promotion. However, for those that need to conduct photoshoots, it can be difficult to work in the right setting with the right lighting and equipment.

Fortunately, a photoshoot rental space gives people everything they need at their disposal. From beautiful spaces to professional equipment, there’s nothing more convenient than renting out a photoshoot space for your projects. Brooklyn Photo Studios can help provide you with the best prices for equipment, unique spaces, and the perfect environment to foster your creativity.

How Much Does A Photoshoot Space Cost?

The cost for a photoshoot space rental is quite affordable considering the amenities included! At a rate of only $55 an hour for an entire 50-minute session, photographers and creative teams have everything they need to finish their projects on time and under budget. Our pricing is also consistent so you will not have to experience fluctuating pricing throughout the year or time of day. 

There are also larger studio spaces that are only $250 that can be rented for a half-day (3 hours or more). Our photoshoot rental spaces in Brooklyn offer amazing equipment, such as:Studio lightning equipment in brooklyn photo studio

  • Lighting equipment
  • Softboxes
  • Clothing steamers
  • Makeup Vanity
  • Garment rack
  • Strobe lights
  • and much more!

Why Rent A Photoshoot Space?

If you’re a professional in your field, you’ll want to use a professional setting to conduct your photography sessions. Below are some of the best reasons a photoshoot space rental is the best choice for busy artists.

You Control The Space

Studio rental with a natural light background at brooklyn photo studioAlthough Hollywood makes it seem as if the perfect shots are filmed outdoors in the middle of busy cities, or in nature itself, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

In reality, outside settings are extremely difficult to control. If you do want to hold a photoshoot or professional filming outdoors, it takes time, money, and permits.

A photoshoot rental space in Brooklyn gives you the ability to control your space, shots, and stage your setting so it’s just right. From lighting to sound, everything is under your control.

A Professional Setting is Guaranteed

In addition, you won’t have to be hassled by onlookers or difficult bystanders. Instead, you can relax indoors with your favorite wi-fi and equipment to help foster a creative and productive environment.

4 Things To Consider in Finding A Photoshoot Space

Not any photo space will be enough to create your best work. Below are some things to consider when choosing a photoshoot space.


When finding a photoshoot space, it’s important to choose one that is near your office where you can easily commute back and forth during your project. Our photoshoot spaces are located in the heart of Brooklyn, so you and your team can have easy access to your photo studio if you live or have your office in the heart of the city.

Sizeinside a photo studio with a big white sofa, grand piano, lighting equipment, and vanity area at brooklyn photo studio

Find a photoshoot space rental that gives you options when it comes to rooms. Our photoshoot space rentals offer spacious studios with high ceilings, large beautiful windows to let in natural light, and a gorgeous building from the industrial era of New York!

We also offer different themes and a larger studio with a capacity of up to 8 people. Having space is important for those working with a team of actors, make-up artists, editors, lighting specialists, and more.


If you only need your studio for a quick photo session or need to book a studio for an entire day of photography and filming, our photo rental space in Brooklyn has you covered. Flexible timing options are crucial for those that are on a limited budget, and those that need a dedicated space for an extended duration.


Amenities make your life easy and more convenient, and are one way we show we care! Amenities offered at our spaces include lighting equipment, wi-fi, dedicated areas for make-up personnel, seating areas throughout, and so much more.

Brooklyn Photoshoot Rental Space in Brooklyn

For professional photographers that are serious about their craft, our photoshoot rental space in Brooklyn has everything you need to make your next masterpiece come true! Find the best amenities, lighting equipment, rental spaces, and prices today at Brooklyn Photo Studios! Call us today or visit us online to book your reservation now!

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