Most Affordable Photo Studios in Brooklyn

Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of film and cinema production. Having a set budget and using affordable photo studios can help make your vision a reality! There are many affordable studio options in your area, including in Brooklyn. Using an affordable photo studio allows you to complete the filming of your movie or piece of cinema under budget while allowing room for other expanding projects such as costumes, additional writers, and much more.

Affordable Photo Studio Locations in Brooklyn

Picture of an affordable photo studios in brooklynFor those living in New York, there is help available to complete your movie on a budget, including Brooklyn Photo Studios which offers a wide range of studios to help you film for only a fraction of the cost of what others offer. Below are the many affordable photo studios that you can find at Brooklyn photo studios!

With the exception of studio 6, all studios below are available for just $55 per hour session from Monday through Friday, or $65 per hour session on Saturday or Sunday!

Studio 1 (retro-style)

retro style studio in brooklynOur Studio 1 offers a retro-style photography and film studio that can help you put together a great masterpiece. Have your vintage vision emerge with the studio’s retro-themed kitchen and living area complete with all the equipment you need.


Studio 2 (french style studio)

french style studio in brooklynThis is one of the unique rooms here at Brooklyn Photo Studios, and we are proud of its unique design, luxurious French fireplace, glamour, and beautiful periwinkle walls. This is the perfect studio to combine a mix of classical serenity with industrial change.



Studio 3 (cyclorama style studio)

cyclorama style studio in brooklynThis studio features a wonderful cyclorama, natural lights, and a wealth of included photo equipment to help you capture stunning photographs and finish off your film with beautiful lighting! Although the natural light is breathtaking, we’ll include lighting equipment so you can have the best of professional, high-quality equipment at your fingertips. 


Studio 4 (industrial style studio)

industrial style studio in brooklynNothing says charm quite like this studio that comes equipped with a custom-built floor-to-ceiling style bookcase. There are also various seating areas within this one studio with hardwood floors and brick walls! This is the perfect industrial studio for the photographer who wants to embrace the culture of sophistication, yet still want to have creative freedom to do what they want. 


Studio 5 (rustic industrial style studio)

rustic industrial style studio in brooklynThe staging areas in studio 5 are some of the most unique in the building. This is one of the most versatile rooms in the photo studio, featuring a grand piano, a beautiful and serene bathtub overlooking a city, and retro furniture. We love the distressed walls, which add a touch of personality and look amazing when under the camera light! 



Studio 6 (wood and brick style studio)

wood and brick style studio in brooklynStudio 6 is our most expensive filming space in the studio, with a still relatively affordable price of $250 for every 3 to 12 hours. This studio is one of the most breathtaking and largest spaces available. The exposed brick and beautiful, arched windows make this the perfect studio to film your next piece on romantic industrialism.

It has a variety of exposed columns and hardwood floors that are breathtaking! 


Rent An Affordable Photo Studio in Brooklyn

Whether you need a photo studio to schedule some last-minute photo sessions with clients, want a studio where you can make your industrialized film dreams a reality while still being affordable, and want great value, Brooklyn Photo Studios is here to help!

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